Ed Info Connections – Small School IT Services

Ed Info connections offers IT & Data manage services to small charter and private schools in the Washington, DC area.

Technology is now a key element of education and school administration. Small schools are subject to the same demands for always-on service, remote access, privacy and security as any major corporation. In many cases, small schools are subject to greater scrutiny under federal law and their authorizing bodies than any small business.

Unfortunately small schools don’t come with a built-in technology expertise, and are faced with the choice of either adding technology to the workload of key teachers and administrators who are trained on the job, or diverting needed instructional funds to expensive full time IT positions.

You wouldn’t send an IT guy to educate your students… why ask educators to run your IT needs? The technology needs of schools are very different from the needs of private businesses and other nonprofits, and need IT service providers who specialize in educational IT needs. Small schools need Ed Info Connections.